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Posted by Marks-Woods Team on May 9, 2019 7:03:03 PM

wheredoistartMaking the choice to renovate your home, whether on a small or large scale, can be an exciting yet overwhelming decision. “Where do I begin?” is usually the first question a homeowner asks. We think that considering a few important items before getting started with a home renovation makes the rest of the project easier and more efficient.


Begin With The End In Mind

Start by thinking about your end goal. What are the “must happen” outcomes on your renovation checklist? For example, the desire for an updated kitchen is great, but it’s even better to be thinking more specifically about what your ideal updated kitchen includes from the outset. Many homeowners take an “I’ll make decisions as I go” attitude when it comes to renovations, but this can be problematic when it comes to timing, budgeting, and permitting down the road. Taking the time to set concrete goals and checklists of what you want the completed project to look like means that you’ll be more satisfied with the renovation upon its completion. 


Take The Long View

One of the first decisions to make when you choose to pursue a home renovation is whether to take a “DIY” approach in which you will manage sub-contractors and potentially do portions of it yourself, or to hire a construction service to handle portions or the whole of the project for you. While many homeowners think that taking the DIY approach might save money, this isn’t always the case. While a construction service does come with a cost, it also takes on many aspects of a home renovation that a homeowner may not be privy to such as managing sub-contractors, keeping the project going according to schedule, handling “surprises” that might pop up along the way, and taking care of permitting. In the end, taking the DIY approach often means spending more time, money, and headaches on a home renovation project. Visit our Process page to see how Marks-Woods streamlines the complicated process of home renovation.


Understand Limitations

During the beginning stages of a home renovation project, it can be easy to let your imagination go wild. Understanding limitations from the outset helps keep the project on a manageable track and ensures that the things most important to you get the attention they deserve. There are a few limitations when it comes to renovating a home, the first being permitting. Even if you have the time and money to add a massive addition to your home, building codes ultimately decide whether or not to grant a permit to do it. The second limitation is budgeting. A solid budget is an important limitation to understand before getting started because it provides needed boundaries when it comes to project scope and material selections. Choose a construction company like Marks-Woods that works to achieve desired outcomes for a variety of budgets. Next, time and interruption should be considered as limitations to a project. If you need a home project done for the holidays, be sure to get started within a realistic timeframe. Lastly, sometimes a home renovation project means not being able to use entire portions of the home or even having to move out for a period of time. Don’t let these limitations deter you from pursuing a home project—look at them as necessary steps in the process to achieving your dream home.


Taking the time to think through these important aspects of home renovation before getting started will save many headaches and disappointments down the road. A little planning and consideration at the outset will mean that the decisions you make regarding your home project are the most sensible and will make for the best final result!


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